The Belgium Connection

Belgium is like our second home where we visit and have friends. This page is dedicated to the songs featuring Belgium contributors or content

Our friend Phil who was for sometime a cornerstone of the band, lives over in Belgium, but we still get to play with him when we can. We’ve played in Brussels a few times and wish to do more, and he has supported us during Covid, by recording some sax ‘stuff’ for us

Let’s stay together – this is a new tune for us in 2020. We asked Phil to do a solo for us, and expected him to go to a quiet room, instead he went and stood on a bridge in the hometown of Adlof Sax. So there are cars going by, which adds to the ambience.

I love Paris – Whilst the title is not Belgium, we were joined for a vocal duet with our Nicole and a young Belgium singer Clara, who Lee met & played with in a jazz club in Brugges (Christmas 2019)

Black as Night – the Belgium connection for this video is the majority of the images were taken at Christmas 2019 which staying in Brugges. In the evening when the crowds leave, the real beauty of the town erupts. it was a tune we recorded early in lockdown with our friend Edi on sax

Harder Faster Better Stronger – It features Belgium Phil on forwards, backwards (and chopped up) sax. We heard a cover of this tune during the summer and it sounded so easy. The reality was challenging, with circa 40 parts. Hats off to Daft Punk…. Its one that will be good to try out at some point!