The Covid Tapes

From March 2020 onwards with limited opportunity to play live or even rehearse, we decided as a trio we would do something about it.

So with vocals recorded on a mobile phone, we started recording ourselves remotely and producing videos on our Facebook page. Over time we’ve done a large number and have used friends to support us on a number of these. We’ve even collaborated internationally (see the Belgium page)

Some songs were straight from our normal set, but rearranged, because we could, others take us beyond our Jazz and Blues roots, because they seemed like a good thing to do….. We aim to do these live, when we can.
During the process, we learnt a lot about music and video production

Boulevard – we came across this tune during the Covid months, and with the video felt it captured something, far far away….

Sunny – Whilst we play this a most gigs, this was new for us. We came across a song by Tom Misch (& De La Soul) with the Sunny chords in it, so took the feel back to sunny.

Cant take that away – this is a jazz standard that we haven’t played live in a number of years, and we never performed it as a vocal duet, which we do in the version. We also have a great Sax solo from Edi on it

That Bond tune – This was one of those tunes that took on a life of its own, with loads of extra parts, some of us even dressed up

Baddest Blues – this is a song we do in our live set, and for this recording we are joined by our friend Paul on guitar

Viva la vida – we found a version of this during lockdown & so commenced work on it

Lady is a tramp – this was the first one we did during lockdown (using the vocals from a few years ago when we spent a day in the studio). Produced just as a bit of fun, and sadly the laptop it was produced on died just after this was published & all the workings were corrupted (luckily) Video does feature many scenes from Belgium tour in Feb 2020